The power of the mind

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The power of the mind

Post by serina » Sat 15.06.2013, 08:58

A tiny kobold warrior descents into the darkness of the earth. The battles below ground are swaying his way. More an more enemies fall before his mighty - well - erm. Dagger...

Along the way the tiny kobold collects huge and tiny objects - some of which just look strange - yet they emanate a certain power and the young kobold has found several potions that seems to heal from within.

Suddenly a horde of orcs comes charging down a tiny corridor. The tiny kobold is certain that her mighty - well - her dagger won't save her this time, so she decides to try a different approach. Scared as she is, she rummages her pockets and remember finding a weird looking object along the way. The kobold takes a fierce stance, pulls out a rod, points it towards the charging orcs and screams DIE! *knowledge of the dungeons doors and stairs form in her mind, and the tiny kobold thinks to herself - perhaps my dagger will prevail afterall.

Just wanted to tell an extremely short-story about what the characters of MAngband might be feeling during their adventures. Feel free to join in with other silly tales from the pits :)


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Re: The power of the mind

Post by Flambard » Fri 15.11.2013, 13:42

Wait, so what happened then?!

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Re: The power of the mind

Post by Warrior » Fri 15.11.2013, 22:09

Yeah Zal, tell us more!
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Re: The power of the mind

Post by PowerWyrm » Mon 18.11.2013, 14:15

I came up with a nice story that took me two hours to write. I was very happy when I pressed the "submit" button and then:

"You need to login in order to reply to topics within this forum"

Too bad, it was a nice story about a young hobbit lost in the pits of Angband, his meeting with a dragon, and how luck saved him...

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