Ghost House: 1S, 1E

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Ghost House: 1S, 1E

Post by userjjb » Fri 12.07.2013, 19:51

Not sure if I'm the only person to notice this, but there is a "ghost" house in 1S,1E. The door is left of center in sector [2,1] and says it costs 2.3 million. It has no walls, just a door. If I had 2.3 million to throwaway, I'd buy it just to see what happens, heh. Was the map generated that way, or did the house somehow go poof?

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Re: Ghost House: 1S, 1E

Post by Thorbear » Fri 19.07.2013, 18:59

What will happen is that you will own a door worth 2.3 million =)
The house probably went poof as an effect of a previous bug, where stopping and starting the server would not keep the wilderness map properly.
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