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Re: PK Vote

Post by Fink » Thu 14.09.2006, 22:30

back to the vote,

B) restricted PK

Disable PK and Stealing in town (not sure whether wilderness quadrents should be included in that too because I don't like the idea of being jumped as I walk out of my wilderness house.)

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Re: PK Vote

Post by Huma » Wed 31.01.2007, 03:47

also another vote B restricted PK because, i belive that some players may need to be tought a lesson wether it be for respect or just because they are really annoying (noone likes to be annoyed while trying to enjoy a game).  

ive been PK'ed before yeah it sucks but i got over it and i still play and rather regularly and now i beat up on the person that PKed me so its all good. ;D

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Re: PK Vote

Post by Steel_Dragon » Sun 16.09.2007, 09:31

no pk

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Re: PK Vote

Post by Warrior » Tue 18.09.2007, 05:43

Well, a quick UPDATE gives us these results:

Out of a total 19 votes  

   * A: No PK = 4
   * B: Restricted PK = 14
   * C: Free PK = 1

Which is hardly a surprising result.
I think however if it was either/or most of the B voters would go for A.

Please, only votes in this thread, for discussions of pvp in general, go to the other threads. But feel to comment briefly on your choice.
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Re: PK Vote

Post by Kusma » Wed 19.09.2007, 07:49

I don't want to pkill, and I want to be able to be safe from pkilling. I have nothing against pkilling between consenting adults, but don't want to be involved.

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Re: PK Vote

Post by udosdottir » Mon 01.10.2007, 04:25

or *very* restricted B
(i like the ideas of Warrior concerning arena levels above town)

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Re: PK Vote

Post by Maegdae » Mon 01.10.2007, 23:26

Players have always been more fun to face then computers in any game I've played, and this holds true in Mangband.  However, the presence of the community (and its small size) has added a social dimension to the game which removes from it the pure "kill or be killed" archetype that might otherwise be present.  The existence of the player killing function is vital to the interplay between players and the sense of the main mangband server as an entity.  

I hold that *most* forms of attempting to limit the harm one player can do to another in multiplayer games usually cause more problems then they solve.  By limiting the game in these way, you limit the players and their outlook, leaving the game just a bit more obviously fake then before.  

Excepting one or two specific instances I've always been on the "receiving" side of PK.  The exception saw me giving back stuff and feeding the victim from my houses.   Anyone who was around a few years back knows I died alot to it.  Of everyone playing on the server, I should by rights be the most virulently anti-PK, but I still believe that (restricted according to a sparse set of rules), PK is by far the best option for the game, and I don't think I'd ever see the game as "whole" without it.

Edit:  "B", obviously.
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