R.I.P. XDir

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R.I.P. XDir

Post by PowerWyrm » Wed 08.12.2010, 21:40

Today, I received an e-mail from the INDOM company. To be short, they have bought the XDir website services, including the storage space services. The mail clearly explains than the free services XDir provided will be shut down on the 31st... so if I want to continue using XDir, I'll have to pay 180 euros for 50 Mb every year. Stupid idiots...
It has been one full year now that the service was dead, I was never able to connect to my online storage space to upload files for PWMAngband, so I decided to store my files using other services. Basically, I'll let this crap die, I was not using XDir for one whole year anyway.
So if any of you still got bookmarks on my old XDir files, you can remove them ;)

As a reminder: use http://powerwyrm.monsite-orange.fr to get the latest PWMAngband files

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