PWMAngband 1.1.6 is out!

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PWMAngband 1.1.6 is out!

Post by PowerWyrm » Thu 27.01.2011, 23:45

New PWMAngband 1.1.6 (aka build 1) released!

The 1.1.6 version is a milestone version... it includes all changesets from the vanilla Angband bug database up to #1948, which corresponds to the 3.1.2 milestone. List of changes below:

Command changes

- Add target-closest command (Angband 3.1.2): mapped to ('), "Use chat command"
remapped to (Ctrl z) and "Buy a house" remapped to (O)
- Add new command (h) to fire against nearest enemy with default ammo (Angband
3.1.2): mapped to (|) in the roguelike keyset

Gameplay changes

- Give characters multiple barehand blows (Angband 3.2)
- Make monster spellcasting a bit more intelligent (Angband 3.2): don't heal if
on full health; don't teleport-to if the player is already in melee range
- Implement a canvas for item piles, using Angband 3.1.2 system: done, but
currently disabled by setting MAX_FLOOR_STACK to 1
- No more 1x1 houses generated
- Give Elementalists an extra INT point and extra mana
- Change Freezing Touch to Freezing Aura: an icy aura chilling all monsters that
hit the caster
- Change Shocking Grasp to an electrical field granting lightning brand to melee
- Set the "notice-on-firing" flag only when firing a missile, not when throwing

Interface changes

- Interactive targeting (MAngband 1.2): ported in PWMAngband using code from
Angband 3.1.2
- Implement basic NPP-style quiver slot handling (Angband 3.1.2)
- Display fail rate when aiming (Angband 3.1.2)
- Improved targeting usability (Angband 3.1.2): ported in PWMAngband, but using
a second prompt on the top line (available by pressing RETURN) instead of a
3-line help at the bottom of the screen
- Port UnAngband's color code (Angband 3.1.2)
- Don't ask "Replace which ring?" when using the swap command (X) with @w0
inscriptions on rings, but replace the inscribed ring instead
- Add pain messages for players
- Allow toggle between equipment/inventory/floor with '/' and '-' during macros
- SDL libraries updated (SDL 1.2.14)
- Update SDL port with Angband 3.1.2 changes
- Make macros portable between Win and SDL clients by using macro triggers

Other changes

- Use standard (C99) datatypes (MAngband 1.2)
- Remove duplication of the display_player/display_statusline code between
client & server
- Update help files with the latest changes
- Add allocation lines for elemental spellbooks so that they can be generated
outside of shops

Bugs fixed

- Targeting floor (manually) doesn't work (MAngband 1.2): fixed with the new
interactive targeting system
- Try making all the fonts 96x96 to fix issues on Vista (Angband 3.1.2)
- Stop making walls solid blocks for Windows users to fix issues on Vista
(Angband 3.1.2): for non-Vista users, simply uncomment lines 31 and 32 in
font.prf to get solid blocks again
- Set mana to 0 instead of assuming that illiterate characters will get none
(Angband 3.2)
- Fix number of monster clones not updated when restarting the server
- Fix giving away item flavors when cancelling an item purchase from floor or
player shop
- Fix multi-hued players not flickering when no other player is around
- Fix class choices for Dragons (Elementalist should be available, not
- Fix spell descriptions crashing the client when using a resized window larger
than normal
- Correctly cancel target/health bar when leaving a level
- Fix Elemental Power effects being applied even when the spell was not cast
- Adjust the level of high level Elementalist spells so that players can still
spend max amount of spell points in them
- Fix the "Interact with colors" menu
- Fix non-flavored items not being "aware" (should be set at player birth)
- Fix bogus inscriptions on unaware flavored items identified by another player
- Fix monster list not updated when a monster gets in LOS or out of LOS of a
- Fix chat command not working when the chat window is not visible (Win port)
- Fix prices of unknown wearable items sold in shops with visible plusses
- Fix incorrect initialization of a random_value pointer in object_activation()
- Fix describe_combat() to display brand effects from monster forms, archer
spells and Shocking Grasp spell

Files updated: client, server, lib, source code (and sound fx patch if you didn't get it already).
Files are available for download at the usual location:
Don't forget to update both clients and servers...

Note: some basic entities have changed, so savefiles are incompatible again; please start a clean server instance with the new version

Important note: all older files have been deleted from the usual download location; please upgrade to 1.1.6 if you're still running old servers.

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Re: PWMAngband 1.1.6 is out!

Post by Billsey » Fri 28.01.2011, 00:55

I've updated and restarted my server... Have fun all!
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Re: PWMAngband 1.1.6 is out!

Post by Furi » Fri 11.02.2011, 13:17

The client .7z you're hosting is apparently corrupt. I'm unable to open it. Everything else opens fine, though.

EDIT: Never mind. It was me.

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