**KING** Schroeder

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**KING** Schroeder

Post by schroeder » Sat 06.12.2008, 22:44

Morgoth, Lord of Darkness has been vanquished by Schroeder, the Dwarf Warrior

*** Video of the epic battle ***

*** More MAngband videos! ***

These were my stats while fighting morgoth:
Stats at win.jpg
Stats at win.jpg (119.28 KiB) Viewed 5581 times
The battle lasted 19 seconds, real time. At 6k, not how many turns that is. My window was closed before i could check my # of turns, so I hope that I will be able to get the log and check.
So me and ascii dived. I gave him my pots of enlightenment, but he already had the Palantir, so it wasn't THAT important. It took a while to find a decent permawall vault. I would have been fine with either the vault I used(lesser maze), or the 3-layer, hidden, cake-like vault. He didn't stand a chance.

About a month ago, my journey began to slay morgoth. It started as a suiside attempt. I was lvl 45. A few months before that, i had lost all my geer and my lvl 50 status due to a bug while fighting the tarrasque. I then played, and won, angband. I then decided to go for broke with my mangband character to see if I could win at lvl 45... The story of which is told here: http://www.mangband.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1508
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