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Post by Gorom » Mon 02.06.2014, 23:53

Hi! Just wondering what i needed to do for before i king a character. I have a level 50 priest and some nice stuff.
i have a +24 PDSM
a +2 to str and con +42 LR kolla,
and I have a perfect +2 +2 orcish fear avari.
What other stuff would i want and what AC would i need to take on the big guy safely in Melee?

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Re: **KING**?

Post by PowerWyrm » Tue 03.06.2014, 11:06

Equipment is completely secondary when fighting Morgoth. You just need:
- a maze vault
- enough *heals*

And forget about "safety". RNG decides to put back to back manastorms for Morgy turns, you're dead anyway...

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