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MAngband v1.4.0

1st December 2018

A change of strategy will see frequent and small incremental changes to the game. This is the first of these new MAngband releases.

This release brings combining of wands and staves and stacking of rods, you won't find the same artifacts over and over again, and some other small changes. Full list of changes is here. You don't need to download a new client.

Updated Windows Client (v1.1.4)

29th November 2018

A new version of the Windows client is available in the downloads area. This is a bug fix release, mostly fixing the crash on chat and problems with saving config files. This version doesn't need administrator access to install. Full change list is here.

We recommend you uninstall your current client before installing this, or things might get wierd. Note that if you have saved macros or window layout ensure you copy the existing files before uninstalling. The file C:\Program Files (x86)\mangband\mangclient.ini and the files in C:\Program Files (x86)\mangband\lib\user\. If you need help, ask in Discord.


25th November 2018

Rumour has it that the Temple has found a supplier for Potions of Healing.

Artifacts & Upgrades

22nd November 2018

Artifacts are now automatically removed from inactive players. The server (main server, not ironman) frequently checks if any player character has been inactive for more than 60 days, if so, any artifacts are removed from that character and put back in the game. At the time of this post there are now 123 artifacts available to find!

Additionally the servers have been updated to version 1.1.4, which, amongst some technical fixes, addresses an old issue with some monsters, like hounds and Quylthulgs getting to cast or breathe more often than they should. No client update is required.

New Website

18th November 2018

20 years of MAngband! 10 years since the last website rebuild! We've built a brand new website from the ground up which will hopefully cover us for the next 10 years! The old website is still online at for a while.

Moved to Discord

30th October 2018

The old IRC channel is abandoned and we've set-up home in Discord, a modern alternative. We've integrated the game servers into the Discord server and a new mangbot provides the old features such as monster and artifact information, in-game chat, etc.

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MAngband v1.1.3 Released

27th May 2016

The MAngband Project Team releases version 1.1.3 of MAngband. This is a minor, bug fix and compatibility release for both client and server.


Recent Notable Deaths

Wednesday 16th of January 2019
ZalWar the level 50 Dunadan Warrior killed by winner
Friday 28th of December 2018
Greyshoe the level 47 Dwarf Rogue killed by a Great Swamp Wyrm
Thursday 27th of December 2018
Antarrow the level 23 ironman Dunadan Ranger killed by an Uruk
Wednesday 26th of December 2018
Greyshoe the level 27 Dwarf Rogue killed by Shelob, Spider of Darkness
Tuesday 25th of December 2018
Greyshoe the level 31 Dwarf Rogue killed by a Storm giant
Sunday 23rd of December 2018
Greyshoe the level 29 Dwarf Rogue killed by a Greater basilisk
Saturday 22nd of December 2018
Greyshoe the level 27 Dwarf Rogue killed by a 7-headed hydra