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FreeBSD port updated for 1.5.3

5th April 2021

Ever since 1.5.0 was released, our FreeBSD port became outdated.

Thanks to adriandegroot, it's now up-to-date with 1.5.3 and we're back in business.

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MAngband 1.5.3 Released

20th March 2020

This release brings SDL2 client, unhardcoded tilesets, and Android support. Macro menu is slowly becoming more useful too.

Once again, most of the newly reported bugs were fixed.

If you're not afraid of spoilers, read the full changelog.

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Forum passwords leaked

16th February 2020

So, I've stupidly posted a full forum dump on a private Discord channel, then made it public.

Thankfully, those are hashed with salt, so you should last a couple of hours :) But if you care about your forum account, change your password.

Sorry about that :(

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MAngband 1.5.2 released

30th May 2019

This release brings mouse support, png tilesets, and a new, newbie-friendly macro editor. You might also encounter some new vaults.

Most of the newly reported bugs (from 1.5.0/1.5.1) were also fixed, along with some long-standing ones.

If you're not afraid of spoilers, read the full changelog.

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MAngband 1.5.1 released

15th April 2019

Quick bug-fix release to deal with some hot issues, like windows client not being able to choose fonts. No new features in this one.

Here is the full changelog.

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Forum registration re-opened

14th April 2019

Our forums will now accept registrations of new accounts. Welcome!

If you have an old account, but can't access it, please do not create a new one, just contact us on Discord, and we'll swiftly resolve the issue.

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MAngband 1.5.0 released

1st April 2019

10 years in the making, the next major MAngband version is finally here.

There are many exciting improvments, like time bubbles and nicer UI, while the core gameplay should remain pretty much the same. Here is the full changelog.

You will have to download a new client to play. Windows users should back-up and uninstall previous versions of the client.

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