Server Reset This Weekend, and the long awaited Zaphod (Warrior) vs Morgoth showdown.

7th September 2007

Zaphod has announced that this weekend he will again face his arch nemesis Morgoth, Lord of Darkness, in his second recent bid to pick up a crown. Come join the show this weekend, and wish him luck.

Win or Lose, closely following that will be a server reset of the instance, so I can start incorporating a lot of changes, bugfixes, and upgrades to the Mangband realm. Noting this, you should finish your business up on the server quickly.

--Crimson is changing addresses

16th February 2006 is moving on Friday, February 17, 2006. The change is only in reference to the IP. There are some ramifications to this that aren't immediately obvious.

--- The IRC server is affected, and will stop accepting new clients by 12:01 am, EST on the 17th. This server is part of a larger IRC network though, so you can connect to any server on, and simply join the mangband channel.

--- If you've hardcoded the old IP address, obviously, it'll simply stop working. One hopes you check the DNS and get here to find that part out.

--- The current instance will not be affected by this change, however, a reset is pending for this server. Finish your business so I can update the code, and the instance. Consider this fair warning.


IRONMAN Mangband Contest

12/01/2005 is sponsoring an IronMan mangband contest for the month of December. Official rules and details are available here. Good luck to all participants, and my thanks to the sponsors, who have gotten the word spread pretty widely.

--Crimson reset

03/25/2005 has been reset following work done to clear corruption in the server that would not be quickly fixed. Mangband suffers from slow file corruption issues that I'll address, but given that instance was over 3 years old, it's apparently not a life threatening issue for most instances. Have fun.


Fair thee well, rohan and isengard

11/13/2004 has now (finally) been completely moved to new hosting, on new machines. Please report any further problems. I apologise for the issues we had, and continue to thank you for your continued support and patience.


Yes, we're moving again..


Due to numerous complaints about the deteriorating state of the network the mangband home servers are on, I'm moving them to a new home, with a much better maintained network. As some of you may have been aware, the home network belongs to a company that was sold, and the new owners, though willing to be hosts, simply don't have the resources to properly maintain the network. The move will take effect this weekend. The new link is being generously provided by my employer, and is a 3mb bonded link off a core pipe, so it will be very fast. On a tragic note, the 80gb drive I'd shipped with the box died in transit, so space will be a bit tight for a while until I can arrange to get a new drive installed. As always, I appreciate your continued support and patience.

--Crimson. [ editors note: rohan was originally named "rohnan" in a fit of non-spelling. It is corrected here to ease the embarrassment, but the original sin remains. ]

I hate Network Solutions.


Well, that went well (not). The update from Network Solutions didn't go out for some reason. I eventually re-applied it, and now it seems to be propogating correctly through the Internet. In the mean time, there will be dns problems for the domain, that will hopefully be cleared up within a day or so. Sorry for the issues, and thanks for the patience.

--Crimson. is moving.

4/23/2003 must be migrated to a new home on Friday, April 25th, 2003. I am working to minimize the outage, but there will almost certainly be at least a small one. News of this move is covered in the Forums, of course, which you should be monitoring :)


Mangband 0.7.2 alpha is released.


This is a major bug fix version only, but it does include the improved win32 client, integrated with the main code. 0.7.2 beta will be out shortly, incorporting a few more client changes, and the audit system. (stay tuned).


Please Vote!

12/04/2002 is having a vote for maximize mode/nomaximize mode. See the forums for details (under New Features in 0.7.0 for the Server)


Primary Game server Moved


The primary game server for has been moved to It is hoped this server's better connection will alleviate some issues with lag that have surfaced recently.




The Mangband Discussion forums are Here!


The Mac Port


Joseph Spiros has apparently silently retracted his offer to develop the Macintosh Client.

Developers interested in assisting here should Contact me.


Mangband on IRC


Mangband is supported via the EFNet #mangband channel as well as on the game itself. Of course, you can always email me at


The Agreement


Joseph Spiros will be handling the Mac port of Mangband, as well as contributing code patches to mangband.

This was in an agreement in settlement of a dispute over the maintainorship of mangband. The discussion is provided (abridged) here. The unabridge version is here.


Options Settings


Angus (Todd Rodrigues) was kind enough to provide this very comprehensive selection of options and preferences used by the pros. A good read for all.


Common Answers to frequent questions.


The job of both correcting the bugs in 0.7.0, and adding some new features continues. Word is slowly spreading about the change of command, and the players seem to be happy, even if some are a bit sad over losing old, favorite characters.

Berendol's Interview with Crimson was an ad-hoc session that ended up containing a lot of useful information. Thanks to Berendol for allowing me to cross link this. I hope it helps ease some of the uncertainty in game play.

Happy Gaming!

-- Crimson.

Development Resumes


I am taking over on active development of the main mangband code, and will be working to correct bugs, and integrate future "wishlist" items.

Most of these items are posted on on the "wishlist" page here. I'll be consolidating them here for ease of reference, and adding a facillity to add them. Users interested in either contributing wishlist items, or helping to add these features should contact me.

Many, many thanks go to Alex Dingle, who spent many, many long hours working on the code.

With this change, I hope to resume interest in the game, and get it back up to snuff with respect to other popular Multiplayer systems.

-- Crimson.

Server Reset


The server has been reset, server, user, scores, admin, and all. I have taken over administration of the instance running here, and have started correcting the bugs that created the issue to begin with. Future news should be sought here.

-- Crimson.

MAngband Update


Unfortunately I just don't have enough time to work on the game any more. Fortunately MAngband is open source and the Tome-M (formerly PernMangband) team has (for a good deal of time now) pretty much completely taken over. If you aren't satisfied with the direction of Tome-M then start your own MAngband or Tome-M variant. If you are interested in "taking over" (i.e. taking the name "MAngband" for a project you are actually working on, whatever that may be) let me know. But it looks like my development of the game has probably come to an end.

MAngband 0.7.1 has been in a practically-ready-to-release-but-dont-have-the-time state for quite some time now. It is basically MAngband 0.7.0 with a few nifty features taken from PernMangband (most notably message coloring), a few bug-fixes, and most importantly a new license. It will probably be released some time fairly soon.


A Latency Display


I have added an online guide to what thinks is it's local latency to an off net common server. This display is available Here. It is my hope that this will enable players to better plan their games. Enjoy!


Jir's MAngband Tutorial Now Online


Jir's MAngband/PernMangband webpage, by far the best source of MAngband documentation and patches on the internet, has recently closed down. Fortunately, Jir has made a complete archive of his old site availiable for download, and so I've added a complete mirror of Jir's old web site site under "documentation".


Crunch Time!


The machine that has so faithfully served the mangband community for the past years decided to retire a bit earlier than we'd hoped, resulting in a good bit of confusion during 6/09/01 to 6/11/01. The site has been moved to a more stable host, and hopefully, things will calm down a bit more now. Many thanks to Gestalt Technologies whose prompt and professional attention to the problem helped avert a major crisis. Thanks Guys!


MAngband 0.7.0 has been released.


After many months in beta MAnband 0.7.0 has been finally released. It contains many bugfixes to 0.7.0-beta and a few minor changes. As always, you can find it on the download page .


A Windows server has been released.


A 0.7.0-beta server binary has been compiled by Haon. As always, you can find it on the download page .